Call me sir, goddamnit!!

Only because saying Jayk takes too much out of you, apparently.

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Micah [Mania.]
7 July


My name is


I am

activist, aggressive, all of the above, animal lover, artsy, ask me, babe, birl, boi, both, boy, boy with a vagina, brother, caring, child, chunky, creative, cuddly, cunt, cute, Democrat, demon, different, dog lover, dominant, dork, dreamer, dude, etc., everything, FTM, fabulous, female-born, flirty, freak, friendly, GLBTQ, gay-friendly, gender bender, gender pirate, genderfuck, girl lover, god, grrl, happy, hippie, huggly, huggy, indecisive, kid, kinky, lost, lover, Mr., me, misunderstood, mosaic, muff muncher, nephew, none of your business, obsessed, odd, open, out, passionate, pervert, pre-op, pro-choice, pro-gay, promiscuous, queer liberationist, queer-friendly, quirky, radical, random, romantic, self-defined, sensitive, shy, sir, skank, snuggly, son, straightly queer, strange, stud, survivor, sweet, tranny, trannyboi, trannychaser, trans, trans-friendly, trans-loving, transboi, transexual, transfan, transfeminist, transman, transsexual, treehugger, trustworthy, understanding, unique, unspecified, weird, whatever, who cares, whore, woman-loving, XO, XXX, YES!

Who are you?

my name is Micah [Mania.]
Im in high school.
I play drums, scream, sing.
i like all music except for pop and country.
thats about it.

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