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30 minut. - Call me sir, goddamnit!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Micah [Mania.]

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30 minut. [Jun. 10th, 2008|04:12 pm]
Micah [Mania.]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Robot-t.A.T.u]

so i havent been on my journal in a trillion years.
i have 30 minut to post something!!

important things:
-i just finished my sophmore year. i will be a junior after this summer.
-im still working at the pool. i work 7 hours a day as a swim teacher both private lessons and group lessons, or i lifeguard.
-i still play drums and sing. quit playing guitar. i suck.
-been getting more and more into t.A.T.u . i fucking love them.
-currently obsessed with: Yulia Volkova.
-I turn 16 in 27 days.
-i have the greatest girlfriend in the world.

pictures and junk:


my loves [t.A.T.u]

me and my biffel

girlfriend katie =]

and my rediculous obsession.

okay. done.

From: boibott
2008-07-19 06:51 pm (UTC)
Wow! I love T.A.T.U too! Yulia is great!
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